A language manual for children with Autism, Asperger’s  syndrome
and related developmental disorders

teachmeTeach Me Language is designed for parents and therapists who teach language to children with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other related developmental disorders. Teach Me Language is a step by step “How to” manual with 400 pages of instructions, explanations, examples, games and cards that attack language weaknesses common to children with pervasive developmental disorders. This book is based on professional speech pathology methods developed specifically to teach children with Autism and related disorders the language skills they need in school and in life.

Areas Targeted include Social Language, General Knowledge, Grammar and Syntax, Functional Knowledge, Written Expression, and Language-Based Academic Concepts such as sequencing, problem-solving, time, and money.

Children Who Benefit are visual learners. By this we mean that they are able to learn better with their eyes than their ears. The entire book is based on this principle. The child must be table ready (able to sit willingly at a table for short periods of time). The child must also be able to communicate to some extent, either through limited verbal communication, through signing or through the use of a picture communication system.

This Book should be introduced once the child has learned one and two word sentences, has some basic vocabulary, and can answer simple “What” or “Where” questions from a picture book. The exercises in Teach Me Language take the child from one and two word sentences to more complex sentences and lay the foundation for conversation. The various activities in Teach Me Language are appropriate for children from kindergarten through the teenage years, with simple adaptation for cognitive level i.e. the materials become more difficult, yet the activities remain structured in the same way.

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