The goal of SKF Books is to create and publish books and videos sorely needed in the world of Autism treatment and advocacy. The products typically are first of their kind, emerging from a desire to fulfill a need rather than mimic other works. For example, SKF publishes a highly successful book entitled Teach Me Language that helps Autistic children with one- or two-word sentence skills bring their language abilities to a much higher level. The success of Teach Me Language is due not only to its efficacy but also due to its “first of kind” capacity to improve the language ability in children with Autism.

After the original book was written, Companion Exercise Forms for Teach Me Language was published to cut down on the preparatory work necessary to deploy Teach Me Language in the field — in other words, to make the instructor’s job easier. Due to demand, Teach Me Language has been translated into French as Apprends-moi le langage, into Italian as Il Linguaggio Verbale Nell’autismo and into Norwegian as Laer Meg Sprak.

Another example of the SKF first to market” philosophy is Autism: Now What Do I Do, a DVD designed for parents of children newly diagnosed with Autism who desperately need clear, concise direction as to where to go and what to do.  As of this writing, there are regrettably few DVDs on the market that discuss science-based treatment. The few that exist typically leave the new parent with more questions than answers. Based on much research into autism treatment and thousands of hours of volunteer consulting work with new parents helping them access treatment, SKF realized that a new product was desperately needed.  Autism: Now What Do I Do? is the road map to help parents get their child into a science-based treatment program.

Aside from helping parents access and improve Autism treatment, SKF Books also recognizes the importance of autism advocacy. An example of this is the important need to help parents who are involved in litigation fight for their child’s rights to science-based treatment. To this end SKF published Science for Sale in the Autism Wars. This book is a must-have for lawyers, advocates, and parents who are involved in litigation against government or privately-funded health technologists. These opponents of children with autism create advocacy research to discredit the legitimacy of science-based autism treatment. Science for Sale is also the perfect case-study for academics studying, or teaching about, the power of bureaucracies and technocracies in western democracies to interfere with the courts’ power to defend legitimate constitutional rights of a vulnerable minority — children afflicted by Autism.

SKF Books is working on new books, videos and products with Autism-related topics. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D.
General Manager,
SKF Books, Inc.