This video is narrated by Sabrina Freeman, sociologist and parent of Miki, an autistic child who is now a capable and talented teenager.

Freeman emphasizes that a science-based behavioral treatment program is crucial for teaching autistic children to lead eventually-normal lives, and stresses that diagnosis as early as 18 months is preferable. She recommends that parents

  • get a written diagnosis of autism from a private (not governmental) pediatric professional, even though it may be costly
  • talk to other parents of autistic children
  • contact Families for Early Autism Treatment (
  • select an experienced consultant to set up a behavioral skills program (Lovaas-type ABA)
  • find an experienced therapist to lead a team of assistants working 40 hours a week with the child to teach skills that can be used as building blocks for learning higher-level skills
  • contact funding sources early, and
  • read five recommended books (titles are included).

Freeman provides a pragmatic overview of a science-based autism treatment program — step by step, including stresses, expectations, and pitfalls. This forceful and persuasive video is a strong complement to Embracing Play: Teaching Your Child with Autism and Talk to Me: A Documentary Film about Children with Autism. Recommended for parents as well as public and academic libraries.

Review by Mary M. Nofsinger, Washington State University Librarian, Pullman.